The first wearABLE ventilator for around-the-clock use

Life. On the move.

Being at home doesn't mean being tied down. Moving freely throughout the kitchen, and her home, Linda spends the day crafting her famous ravioli—without compromising her stamina1.

Life. Beyond home.

Making ventilation wearABLE.

His days were limited by his previous ventilation system. But now it's so simple to attach his wearable device to his oxygen cylinder. John is now able to go where he wants, when he wants.

Life. At home.

Making ventilation adjustABLE.

For Steve, needing a ventilator doesn't mean being a homebody. In stationary mode, he relaxes and reads a book. But with a simple adjustment, tonight he's meeting friends to watch the big game.

Breathe Pillows Interface®

Universal Circuit® Connector

Life2000® Ventilation System

The first truly wearABLE ventilation system.

One adaptable system that goes where you go.

Explore the many ways to configure your system for around-the-clock-use. Learn more about the Breathe Pillows Interface® and our Universal Circuit® connector that integrates with other third-party interfaces.


1. Porszasz, Cao, Morishige , van Eykern , Stenzler , Casaburi et al. Physiologic Effects of an Ambulatory Ventilation System in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Vol. 188, No. 3 | Aug 01, 2013