Who can benefit?

The Life2000® Ventilation System is for patients who:

  • Have chronic respiratory failure due to COPD
  • Suffer from neuromuscular diseases or restricted thoracic disorders (e.g., kyphoscoliosis)
  • Are preparing for or recovering from a lung transplant
  • Have experienced multiple exacerbations
  • Have reduced oxygen saturation with minimal exercise

A continuum-of-care solution

The innovative design is adaptable across multiple settings, from the ICU and long-term care to the home.

  • Early hospital mobilization: assists patients in ICU settings to transition from complete bed rest to achieving early mobility milestones such as sitting, standing, and walking
  • In-home ventilation and rehabilitation: facilitates ambulation, which may help reduce the risk of additional exacerbations and unplanned hospitalizations1-4

Optimize mobility and comfort

Improves quality of life and autonomy while supporting positive clinical outcomes such as:

  • Allowing patients to participate more fully in life and to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) in and outside their homes*
  • Enabling patients to participate in pulmonary rehabilitation and COPD exercises
  • Patients report lower dyspnea, fatigue, and discomfort scores during ADLs5*

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Life2000® Ventilation System, click for more information.

*Based on studies performed on proportional open ventilation technology.


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