Overview of technical features

The NIOV™ Device detects a patient’s spontaneous breathing via sensor ports located in the Breathe Pillows Interface™ and delivers synchronized volumes of air and oxygen at rates of up to 40 breaths per minute (BPM).

The NIOV Device can be customized to each patient’s needs. Patients are able to select from the three clinician-programmed activity settings that best meet their respiratory needs.

  • Inspiratory positive pressure delivery of up to 18 cm H2O1
  • Total tidal volume of up to 1,150 mL1
  • Delivery of synchronized volumes of air and oxygen of up to 40 BPM
  • Monitoring of respiratory rate and flow

For more detailed information on getting patients started with the NIOV Device, visit our Document Center


1. Breathe Technologies Internal Bench Testing, 2013.

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