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"The Life2000 has really been a blessing to me; It allowed me to do more activities I love without being exhausted. Before the Life2000, I would have to stop and take breaks, but now with the Life2000, I am able to complete these tasks without stopping."

—James D

"The Life2000 has been life-changing. It takes some of the burden off my lungs, helps the oxygen last much longer, and has allowed me to be more active with my family"

—Lindsey L

"It's like I didn't even have to think about breathing, even though of course you constantly think about it. But I didn't have to consciously say, ‘Okay. Inhale. Exhale.’ It [wearable open ventilation] just did it….I had to remind myself that I even had COPD while I had this on."

—Velma S

"To be able to do more—it feels so much more complete, like I'm not hiding behind something….It [wearable open ventilation] is appreciated very much, because now I can do a lot of things I couldn't do before….I've gone just about everywhere except for the one place I wanted to go: African safari. Never got over there. I'm beginning to think that maybe that's not an impossibility."

—Morris B

"I think that one of the biggest benefits of [wearable open ventilation] is it allows me to do the things that I haven't been able to do for years, to get out and walk, to play with my grandchildren, to go shopping, and not have to come home in half an hour because I was worn out."

—Toby H

"I envision using it [wearable open ventilation] in my daily life to help me get up, be able to do a load of wash, do some ironing, do vacuuming, make the bed, and especially to help me to take care of my wife…."

—Jerry V

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